Türkü (Turkish folk music) is sung from Istanbul and the Balkans in the West, to Urumxi and Samarkand in the East. It’s the “roots music” of Turkic peoples everywhere, and its breadth and depth are astonishing. Collections of folk songs from towns and villages across Turkey alone — not to mention the Turkic republics of the former Soviet Union — run into tens of thousands of individual melodies and lyrics! The relevance of Turkish folk music as a repository of what it means to be Turkish is almost beyond comprehension. Dozens of TV shows every week in Turkey feature nothing but türkü. This is music from the heart and for the heart. Timeless. Beyond generations and borders.

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Great Themes

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life-and-death.2560 wide

enemies-and-exile.2560 wide

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Special collections






Every effort has been made to keep the video files that make up this project as small as possible. It may take a minute or two (depending on your internet connection speed and your computer’s capabilities) to load a new category of music. Links to videos and content on successive pages are made by clicking on the photograph on a page. You can always return to the Home page by clicking or touching the website main title.

Dr Doug Clark


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